Why passing on your passions from a young age is good !

To have a horse is different that every pet animal at your house. The truth, horse is expensive and he needs more attention. So, the first reflex that parents have when their children like to ride on horse is to visit the club that is near the house.

Take a visit to a club

When you subscribe to an equitation club, your first ride on is on the back of a pony. The truth is a pony you can dress your seating on the pony. When you are ready, choose your horse. In that case, the horse also wants to be with you. He had to be kind with you, and walk near you without template you. So, you learn how to put the saddle and every equipment that go with it. You have to make his shower and brush him before putting the saddles. You prepare his food, prepare his stable and careless him and talk with him too. When you are in complicity, you can have some ride during one hour. Then, choose the best equipment for him. You can hire many shops, but our advice is the Equitack saddler than you will visit site and appreciate the winter’s collections equipment horse.

Have some knowledge to buy equipment’s horse

You can be advice by your coach, and he will tell you to choose a used saddle. The reason is about his solidity, resistance, but also about his manipulation. It is easy to treat a used saddles, when he gets from the French mark. The Antares, Hermes or CWD and other famous equipment horse mark are able to satisfy you at any characters. You might not choose your discipline equitation yet, so you can buy a mixed saddle. You can also test those guard line to test your saddle. You have to verify, if he accepts your saddle pad and the saddle. You can have some hiking adventure with him during a holiday week. And then after, you have to collaborate with a specialist to teach him your discipline. So, in that case, you get your passion and you can now have your own horse.

If you choose a bad saddle or a wrong equipment for your horse, it will hurt him and deforms his caricature by this, so to have a horse is a dream, but treat him better to be with you more than 15 years old.

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