Educating your child with the love for music

Newborns and babies are big fans of music, especially if the music is part of a routine like being rocked to sleep at night. While music in general is good, try to sing to your baby so they can get interaction along with their mental stimulation. They like music, and it’s good for them at this age. Here are some ways to educate kids to love music


We have more access to music than ever before. When it comes to listening to music with your kids, I recommend listening to music you love and trying to expand your musical tastes both for the benefit of your kids and for yourself. Children are born without a musical bias. If they love a song, it’s because they love a song. Their taste in music is pure and untainted by what other people and the media tell them they should like.


Learning to play an instrument like a tongue drum can be magical for children. At age four, some kids start to learning to play piano and when I hear and see that entire she’s learning, it’s a magical experience for me as well. Learning to play a musical instrument empowers and inspires children. It often takes finding the right teacher or mentor for those kids to flourish.


I often hear from parents who say they aren’t comfortable singing. My response is always that your kids don’t care they just want to sing with you. You can have so much fun singing with your kids. Growing up in my family, everything was a song. There was a song for doing dishes, songs in the car, songs at home. Singing is so natural for kids. It can bring so much more fun to any occasion. You can sing simple songs from your own childhood or lullabies at bedtime, including my song Goodnight. You can also have lots of fun making up songs together.

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