This new era of sound for the next generation

The colors are very different and it's very long with the fine tone. Tank drum is a drum of steel tongue. A Spanish artist wonderfully paints these Melodize-Percussion Instruments. Together with the precise tuning, the fine handicraft makes these tools unique. There are tank drums with a clear set of tongues and others on the backside with a duplication of tongues and notes that make them extra speric and rich in overtones.

Having an amazing sonorities

Do you know the tank Drum? This relatively recent instrument is a relatively close cousin to Hang and Caisa, two percussions with amazing sonorities that are very popular with amateur musicians as confirmed. They are all part of the family of idiophones that includes such instruments as the steel drum, the glockenspiel, or the balafon. They are distinguished from wind instruments, string, or membrane, in that the sound is produced by the material of the instrument itself, whether wood blades as xylophones, metal in this which concerns vibraphones and other kalimbas, but also of vegetal matter, animal, or mineral.

Discovering the Tank Drum

The Tank Drum has many variations and appellations. Although the most common is the acoustic steel tongue drum, there are several types. This instrument of unquestionable originality was first developed by Dennis Havlena, an American who had the good idea to recycle gas cylinders! Cutting and assembling the bottoms of two bottles with a weld, Dennis Havlena then cut strips on the surface of his singular creation to produce different notes. Thus was born the Tank Drum, which after being optimized and modernized. The tank drum owes its name to its metal slats whose shape is reminiscent of a tank. Today, some models are still molded from recycled gas cylinders, but this instrument has been largely improved with innovative metal alloys that manufacturers have the secret. The tank Drum, with a design and shape reminiscent of a flying saucer, is a percussion instrument for everyone thanks to its intuitive approach to music for the next generation.

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